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Make your move less hectic with our Moving Checklist!

At least 1-month prior to move: 
• Arrange repairs for new/old home 
• Get estimates on movers 
• Pricing on packing materials Moving Day
• Mortgage Info 
• Home Warranty Info 
• Shipping appliances or purchasing new ones 
• Temporary housing 
• Homeowners insurance 
• Storage Options 
• Clean out closets, attic, basement, cupboards, garage, etc. Also outdoor items. 
• Consider having a household sale or donating unwanted items 
• Make an inventory of items to be moved. 
• Write "Subject to further inspection for concealed loss or damage" on your moving contract to protect yourself. 

Start packing 
• *Pack "Open first" boxes that contain important items that need to be unpacked first 
• Call newspapers to transfer or subscribe to your new home. Cancel any subscriptions that you do not wish to have forwarded to the new home 
• Make arrangements to pick up important documents from: 
• Doctor 
• Dentist 
• Legal 
• Optician 
• School 
• Veterinarian 
• Birth records 
• Contact new schools and notify them of your move to their area. 
• Notify Security Company, lawn care or snow removal services of your moving date. 
• Start a new bank account in your new town 
At least 2 weeks prior to move: 
Coordinate arrangements for the following items for the new home: 
• TV / Internet service
• Contact utility companies 
• Trash pickup 
• Newspaper subscriptions 
• New furniture, appliances, bedding 
• Cleaning arrangements for new/old home 
• Any improvements that you wish to make prior to moving in, such as: 
• Painting/wallpapering 
• Carpet/flooring 
• Landscaping 
• Send change of address form to the post office, DMV and all other creditors. 
• Plan what goes in the car 
• Keep a record and receipts of your moving expenses for income tax purposes. This includes transportation, lodging, meal, etc. 
One-day prior to move: 
• Defrost and clean your refrigerator 
• Clean your oven and stove 
• Pack family personal items and clothing 
• Close out bank accounts 
• Charge Cellular phone 
• Make sure you have payment for the movers. Most will NOT unpack without payment. 
• Get a good night's sleep 

The day of the move: 
• Strip bedding from the beds, leaving mattress covers on. 
• Put linens/pillows in dresser drawers to have handy for your first night in the new home. 
• Load the car with items that you are taking with you. 
• Show movers around. Make sure your possessions to be moved are inventoried with them. 
• Check the mover's inventory to be sure that you agree with the mover's judgment on the condition of your household goods. Take photographs if there is a dispute. Make sure you keep a copy of the inventory 
• Check all rooms one last time BEFORE the van leaves. Don't forget closets, cupboards, the basement and garage. 
• Turn off hot water heater and set the thermostat to 55 
• Record the van driver's name and give them contact numbers for the destination. Confirm directions to the new address. 
• Secure house. Make sure all windows and doors are locked. 
• Keep all keys, warranties, garage door openers and house information in a folder to take to the closing. 
• Notify the security company that you have vacated the property. 
• Get to your new home BEFORE the movers, there could be a waiting charge if you're late. 
• You, or a family member, should meet the moving van to direct the placement of the boxes and furniture. 
• Check condition of furniture and account for all items shipped. Notify the mover right then if anything is missing or damaged.